6 Common Long-Distance Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Moving to a new home is an exciting moment. It can be stressful, but it sure is exciting. And the steps you must take are pretty much the same, whether you are leaving your parents’ home for college, relocating for a job, retiring, or downsizing to a smaller home. However, things can get a bit more complicated if you have to move a long distance. A long-distance move requires more planning and can have different outcomes. And if you are also juggling a career, kids, education, or other responsibilities, it is likely to make mistakes that you could otherwise prevent. Therefore, we thought we’d give you a hand in making your relocation a success and warn you about the common long-distance moving mistakes you should avoid. So, let us see how you can avoid all the setbacks and carry out your move with ease.

1. Not making a plan

Any relocation can become an easy task as long as you plan it. And let’s be honest, the relocation itself is a piece of cake. What you do before the move can decide how your move ends. Of course, unexpected things can happen even if you plan everything in detail, but the chances are much lower. So start your relocation by making a plan of how it will unfold.

First, research moving companies that can help you with your long-distance move. That is important because there’s a difference between local and long-distance moving, and not all moving companies do both. Then, request quotes from all of the companies you have chosen and see which one best fits your budget. Also, you can ask if they have other services included, such as packing, unpacking, or storage. After you find a reputable mover, set a date for the move. Once you have the date settled, you can start planning the other aspects of your relocation.

2. Leaving packing until the last minute

Packing, just like any other step of the relocation, needs planning and preparations, particularly when moving long distance. The longer you wait to start organizing and packing your things, the harder it will be to get everything done on time. What’s more, you need to have a plan for this essential step. Here are some tips on how to organize your packing better:

  • Make an inventory of all your belongings.
  • Make a checklist with all the things you want to take with you.
  • Buy enough packing supplies, such as storage boxes, cardboard boxes, tape, scissors, markers, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and labels.
  • Begin packing gradually and with plenty of time before the relocation.
  • Pack items you rarely use first and the items you use every day last.
  • Pack heavy objects in small boxes and light items in larger ones.
  • Seal your boxes properly.
  • Label every box accordingly.

Use these tips, and your packing process will be smooth and stress-free.

6 Common Long Distance Moving Mistakes to Avoid 1
If you want to avoid making common long-distance moving mistakes, make a checklist.

3. Avoiding to declutter

Having to prepare and pack for relocation is the perfect time to go through all your things. And as we mentioned before, if you get started on time, you can even do some much-needed decluttering. Hanging on to objects we don’t need is a common problem that can cause our homes to become overwhelmed and suffocated with clutter. Furthermore, packing and moving all that stuff will take much longer. So, after you make an inventory of your items and a checklist with what you need to take, decide what things you should leave behind.

Clothes that are too small, broken toys, and items you haven’t used in at least one year should all stay behind. You can even donate some of the things or organize a garage sale. However, keep in mind that you will need to continue your relocation preparations while organizing the sale. So, if it becomes overwhelming, ask family and friends to help.

4. Not getting your kids and pets prepared for the move

If this relocation is stressful for you, imagine how it can be for your kids or pets. They don’t understand what is happening, and they need help to adjust to the changes. Thus, avoid making one of the common long-distance moving mistakes and prepare them for the move.

If your children are old enough, explain what is going on and reassure them that everything will be alright. You can even include them in the process to make them feel part of it. For instance, you can give them easy tasks such as packing the toys or putting labels on boxes. Make them feel like they are part of a new family adventure. If you have newborns or toddlers, make sure to get them used to the car and take them for longer rides each day. A car ride will usually put most small children to sleep, but you should make sure they are comfortable with it nonetheless.

When it comes to pets, they also need to be accustomed to the car ahead of time. Get them a safe carrier, train them to sit in it, then place it in the car. First, just start the car for your pet to get used to the new sounds, then you can go on rides to see how they react. Your pets will be ready for the ride to your new home once they have become used to sitting in a car for a long drive.

Caption: Avoid putting your pets through too much stress during a long-distance

Cat hiding under a blanket.
Avoid putting your pets through too much stress during a long-distance move, and prepare them on time.

5. Forgetting to pack a necessity bag

Having to move long-distance means spending some time on the road. So, depending on the distance, the trip could take half a day, a day, or several days. That is why you need to prepare for planned and unplanned stops or overnight stays. For these situations, you should pack a necessity bag that contains things that you use often. Toiletries, changing clothes, medication, documents, chargers, and other personal items should be in the bag. Also, you will need lots of water and food or snacks for a long trip.

If you are traveling with pets, pack their things among the last. Make sure to include food and water bowls, grooming items, a litter box, and supplies for it as well.

6. Forgetting to make the moving changes

Before you depart for your new home, there are a few things you should do, and we want to make sure you do not forget about them.

  • Notify relevant people and institutions, such as relatives, friends, landlord, employer, bank, and so on, that you are relocating.
  • Change your address and redirect mail.
  • Leave your contact to a neighbor or your landlord.
  • Cancel your utility contracts and make new ones at your new home.
  • Transfer the school and medical records.
Mailbox that received mail.
Don’t forget to change your address before you move to continue receiving your mail. It’s one of the common mistakes people make when moving long-distance.

Avoid making common long-distance moving mistakes

As you can see, you can avoid making common long-distance moving mistakes if you are well-organized and plan ahead of time. Make a checklist, declutter, pack your things properly, and prepare your family, and the moving process will be a breeze. Especially if you also hire reliable moving professionals to handle the heavy work.

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