Things People Forget When Moving Interstate

It’s only normal if you feel overwhelmed and stressed before your interstate move. There are so many things to handle and do, so it’s very easy to make oversights. To help you prevent this from happening, we’ve prepared a list of things people forget when moving interstate. Learning about the most common mistakes people make in this process will teach you what to focus on and ensure you haven’t forgotten or skipped any important steps.

Plan in detail and create your checklist

Imagine moving to a different state, going through the hassle and stress of the process only to realize in the end that you’ve forgotten something important. It can’t get much worse, right?

However, even if you are organizing an interstate move in a hurry, there are ways to ensure nothing is overlooked. The key is in making a detailed plan and creating your personal checklist.

Here are some of the things that should be on your list. Of course, they can vary depending on your needs:

  • Prepare all relevant documents and paperwork.
  • As your health is your priority, make sure to do a check-up and transfer all necessary documentation to a new medical center.
  • Ensure all your bills are paid.
  • Check if you need to change the bank and update your address for any mail or subscriptions.
  • Ensure that there are no loose ends. For instance, return any item you might have borrowed.

What are the things people forget when moving interstate?

Interstate relocation isn’t easy, especially if you are in for a long-distance move with kids. Things can easily get chaotic, so you need to ensure you don’t forget to do or pack anything essential. The last thing you want is to spend the trip to your new home worrying about if you forgot anything important.

Further in this article, you’ll find out what are the most common things people forget when moving interstate. This way, you can ensure you’re fully prepared.

Don’t forget to do your research

As interstate moves can be hectic and overwhelming, many people rush and hire the first movers they find. By not taking time to do their research, they end up potentially making a mistake or, even worse, being victims of different moving scams. Therefore, it’s very important to hire the right help and choose the most reliable cross-country movers.

Movers loading things into a white moving truck parked next to a green wall
Hiring reputable movers is the key to having a smooth interstate relocation.

To avoid this from happening, the experienced team from bestlongdistancemovers.com recommends searching for professional movers on one of the verified databases. There, you’ll only be able to find insured and certified companies to choose from.

Make sure to empty your storage unit

Another thing many people completely forget about when organizing a move is their storage unit. If you rented a unit to keep some of your belongings, it’s essential to deal with the things you are storing there. Also, you don’t want to keep paying for storage after you’ve moved to a different state.

Different pieces of clothes packed in plastic bags hanging at the dry cleaning place.
Make sure there are no loose ends. For example, make sure to pick up your clothes from the dry cleaners or turn off your utilities.

As soon as you know you’re moving, plan a trip to your storage unit and start decluttering. You’ll probably find many things you no longer need that you should get rid of. If there are things you don’t need but are in good condition, you can sell them and boost your cross-country moving budget

Ensure you’re properly packed

Many people start organizing an interstate move too late and end up doing most things last-minute. As this can turn into complete chaos, many of them end up not packing properly and even forgetting a lot of important things.

However, even if you don’t have enough time to pack, it doesn’t mean you can’t try to be organized. Therefore, it’s important not to forget to create an inventory list and label the moving boxes. This will not only help you unpack easier, but you’ll also prevent any potential breakage of your fragile items during transport.

Don’t forget to pack your essentials bag

As you’re in for a long ride to your new state, it’s imperative not to forget to pack your essentials bag. After all, you surely don’t plan on unpacking immediately after your long and tiring trip. By having an essentials bag, you’ll have everything you need to survive the first night without having to run to the nearest store or cut through boxes in search of fresh clothes.

One of the things people forget when moving interstate is to pack essentials for their pets.
If you have a pet, make sure to prepare everything that can make moving easier for them, too.

This is one of the things many people forget or even don’t think about before their move. By making essentials accessible, you’ll make your life that much easier. Here’s what you should consider packing:

  • Make sure to pack water and snacks, especially if you are in for a long drive. If you’re moving with kids, make sure to pack their favorite toys or anything else that can keep them entertained.
  • If your pet is moving with you, make sure to have food, water, and toys prepared. They deserve an easy move, too.
  • Keep toiletries close so you can have a comfortable first day. You’d be surprised by how many people forget things like toothbrushes or toilet paper.
  • Pack a fresh change of clothes for every family member as well as clean sheets and a towel per person.
  • Prepare paper plates, napkins, and plastic cups for everyone. You don’t want to go through boxes looking for cutlery.
  • Either pack something that you can cook quickly and easily or have money ready for takeout.
  • Don’t forget to have important documents easily accessible in case of emergency.

Final thoughts

We hope our list of things people forget when moving interstate inspired you to make your own to-do list and ensure you don’t miss or overlook anything for your relocation to a different state. Even though it will be stressful at times, if you plan and prepare for your interstate move, you’ll make the process that much easier.

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