Moving out of state with a newborn – how to make it work?

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Moving, by itself, is a complicated process to organize. Moving with a newborn, however, is far more complex. There are many more details to pay attention to and consider, and some can be pretty stressful. However, with proper preparation, even this can be achieved with minimal amounts of stress. To help you, we’ve put together a guide on moving out of state with a newborn. Here’s how to make it work.

Preparation and organization are key

When moving out of state with a newborn, you should have a plan in place way before you start organizing the move. Considering that relocating with a newborn is more challenging than a regular move, last-minute relocations should be out of the question. Why? Because there are extra steps you need to take to ensure everything goes smoothly, in addition to your usual moving checklist. To name an example: scheduling a doctor’s appointment about a week before the move to ensure the baby is healthy. We recommend giving yourself at least two or three months to properly prepare.

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Moving out of state with a newborn – how to make it work? 1

Look for daycare

Simply because you are moving with an infant doesn’t mean you won’t immediately begin working again. Because of this, researching ahead of time to find daycare is an essential part of the process. It is very common for daycare facilities to have long waiting lists. So, if you have work planned in your new home, make sure to find a place that will accept your kid.

Consider safety concerns

A pretty big part of moving out of state with a newborn is making sure your child is safe during the entire thing. Keep dangerous things (like scissors) away from the child while packing. Finding family-friendly moving companies could also help, but realistically you should always prioritize transporting your kid in your own car.

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Moving out of state with a newborn – how to make it work? 2

Budget carefully

Moving out of state is expensive, even when you don’t have a newborn. When you do, besides the usual moving expenses, you should budget for a box or two of baby essentials. This box should contain a couple of changes of clothing, diapers and wipes, favorite stuffed toy or security blanket, food and water, first aid kit and thermometer, and a bottle or sippy cup.

Hire professional packers

If you have the extra money, hiring packers can make your life a lot easier. After all, a newborn requires constant care and attention. So, you likely won’t have a lot of time for this. Hiring professional help to pack you up in no time is always a great choice.

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Moving out of state with a newborn – how to make it work? 3

Find affordable movers

Hiring movers is a great idea for any move, interstate or not. When you have to take care of an infant during the process, hiring movers is a must. However, you have to take into account the moving rates which movers charge for their services. The truth is, raising a child is expensive. Because of this, when it comes to hiring movers, price plays an important roleAlways contact several moving companies and ask for free quotes. Finding affordable movers can take a while, so this should be done early on in the preparation process.

Hire a babysitter

A great way to avoid concerns about your baby during the actual move is to enlist the help of a babysitter. By hiring somebody to watch your kid while you are moving and unpacking, ensures you don’t have to constantly worry about their safety. This helps reduce a lot of stress on the moving day.

Make sure your movers are reliable

While looking for movers, you might be tempted to only look for low prices. But, remember, not all movers are experienced or reliable. Experts at bestcrosscountrymovers.com recommend taking the time to research the moving companies before you consider hiring them to avoid damaged belongings and moving scams. After all, bad movers are the last thing you need when moving with a newborn.

Baby proof your new home

When moving out of state with a newborn, babyproofing the new home as soon as you arrive is a must. You should take the time, before unpacking, to make the new house as safe as possible for your child. If you can, it would be a great idea to visit your new place before the move and babyproof it before your belongings arrive. This way, you can unpack in peace without having to worry about your baby’s safety more than usual.

Unpack the baby’s things first

Immediately after babyproofing your new home, you should prioritize unpacking the things you need to take care of the baby. This way, it will be much easier to keep an eye on your kid while you continue to unpack. After you unpack, it is time to consider what you should do with the moving boxes. Avoiding the move-in mess will help you settle into your new home much faster.

Closing thoughts

Organizing a move with a newborn might seem like a nightmare. But, if you properly prepare yourself, the process becomes much more manageable. We hope you found this guide to moving out of state with a newborn helpful, and we wish you luck in organizing your relocation.

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