The Moving Checklist: 6 Steps to a Peaceful Move


To help with your moving day experience, we’ve put together a moving checklist to give you peace of mind.

Whether your moving locally, to another city or different state, our checklist will keep you prepared for your move and stress free. Download a copy of the moving checklist here.

Pre Move Checklist
The Moving Checklist: 6 Steps to a Peaceful Move 1

Step 1: Choose Your Moving Style

About one and half months before your move, you’ll want to start thinking about picking your moving style (move yourself or hire professionals), reserving transportation, and getting rid of unwanted household items that won’t be coming with you to your new home.

Step 2: Get Supplies & Prepare

Four weeks from your moving date, notify businesses of your address change, collect moving boxes, and buy any deliverable furniture to save yourself the hassle of managing it later.

Step 3: Start Packing

Three weeks until moving day. Time to start packing and reserve your professional movers if that’s the style you chose.

Step 4: Prep Work

One week to go! Get moving day essentials: water, new keys, trash bags, tape, and a pair of scissors. Finish cleaning your old place. Start the most important cleaning of your new place (not including a long-distance move): Kitchen counters, refrigerator and refrigerator fan, tube jets, inside and outside of stove, and inside the washing machine.

Step 5: Moving Day

Gather your moving day essentials: cash, keys, directions, container and truck appointments. Pick up the truck or wait for your container.

If you hired movers, relax! If you didn’t hire movers, have friends meet at your load location and load it up.

Do a final walk through of your old place, and then drive to your new location.

Step 6: Set Up

Once arriving at your new place, it’s time to set it up and make it home. Begin by recycling, sharing, or selling your moving boxes. To get acquainted with your neighbors and neighborhood, download the Nextdoor neighborhood App. Unpack and relax! You did it. Congratulations on your new adventure.