6 Tips for Downsizing to a Smaller Home

Downsizing often comes with a lot of stress because you probably have more belongings than you have space. People tend to get attached to their possessions but dislike the idea of living in cramped conditions. Therefore, use the move to your new home to de-clutter and embrace a new minimalist approach – you might find that your new living space gives you more functional space. We will provide you with six tips for downsizing to a smaller home to guide you through the process.

1.    Stop getting more things

The goal is to get rid of stuff, not to add more to the pile. Purchasing new possessions will only make matters worse. You will add more work and clutter that you will need to deal with when the time to move comes. Moving to a new home is always stressful, and you need to take steps to make sure you stay sane and not contribute to the chaos. Imagine an item you want is on sale. Perhaps, you are considering buying something that won’t be useful right away, but you can save it until you need it. This is the kind of thinking you need to stop. Muster up the strength and determination to prevent yourself from impulse purchases. We rarely buy something on a whim that we really need, and impulse buys are the ones we often regret the most. Out of all of the downsizing tips, this is the one you need to start applying immediately.

2. Get rid of unnecessary items

Although this tip might seem obvious, the trick lies in how exactly we go about it and what things we need to get rid of.

  • The best way to approach it is to inventory your possessions. Go room by room and be thorough when you make your list. Before you arrive at the point where you start throwing things out, it’s good first to know where you stand. You’d be amazed at what you will find at the back of your closet.
  • Get rid of duplicates. Your inventory is bound to find things you didn’t know you had. Honestly, how many pairs of hiking boots do you really need? Also, don’t store spare phone chargers when you can pick one up at every mall or gas station. Duplicates are some of the easiest things to let go of.
  • Throw away random junk that “might” be handy. Do you know the exact number of pens you own and how many of them don’t work? Everyday items are the ones we use the most, but they also seem to cause most of the clutter.

3. Plan on what to do with unwanted items

Once you’ve got an idea of what needs to go, it’s time to find the best way to dispose of it. You can throw away worthless items. However, most can find alternate uses or bring joy to other people. Here are some ideas for what to do with unwanted items when downsizing to a smaller home:

  • Give away to friends or family. Hand-me-downs are practically a family tradition for most people, and you can ensure that your items go to where they are needed. There is a special kind of comfort that comes from knowing someone will continue to cherish and use your most treasured belongings.
  • Hold a garage sale. Once you have selected the date for your sale, you can run an ad in the local newspaper or put up fliers at the community center. Neighborhood sales are great for getting rid of many items at once and making some spare cash while you are at it. A garage sale can also be a fun family activity.
  • List your items online. While most people have heard of craigslist, there is a multitude of websites and even specialized apps for different kinds of things you may want to sell.
  • Donate. Giving your unused belongings to charity is bound to make you feel good, and it will also brighten someone’s day.·        Rent storage. Placing your unneeded items in storage is a great temporary solution. There are a bunch of options available; there is even a storage solution you can take with you so you can have more options when you are relocating and still figuring things out.

4. Go digital

Transfer whatever you can to a digital format. A collection of books, movies, and music can take up an insane amount of space in your home. Most people have started turning away from physical media towards streaming services and cloud storage. Being able to access your entire collection on the go is really comfy, and it saves up enormous space on your shelves.

5. Get multi-functional furniture when downsizing to a smaller home

When moving into a smaller home, you need to consider the furniture you will use carefully. Couches, tables, and kitchen surfaces take up most of the space in your home, and it’s time to start thinking about multi-functionality. With the coronavirus sticking around in 2021, many people have begun investing in functional home offices. Having your rooms and working surfaces serve multiple purposes will save you a lot of space. You can use a kitchen island for food preparation, dining, as well as work. Fold-out chairs and other foldable furniture will let you entertain guests and then neatly pack away when you need more space.

6. Use vertical space and walls

Wall-mounted TVs will take up less space than if you place them on a stand, and the same goes for hanging displays of all sorts. Maximizing the use of space this way also means going for tall instead of wide cabinets. Wall mounted, high-hanging shelves will make use of high areas that often serve no purpose. Also, consider using the space underneath or above other furniture like underneath beds or above cupboards to get full use of your home’s height.

Moving to a new home is an excellent opportunity for a fresh start and a clean slate. Use the downsizing process as an opportunity to improve the feng shui of your home and leave your worries and clutter behind. If you follow our tips for downsizing to a smaller home, and maybe also create a moving checklist to organize better, you will ensure a more relaxed and easier move.

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