Tips for moving during winter

As colder weather approaches, we’ve gathered some tips from experience for moving during winter.

1. Hire professional movers

Cold weather (snow and ice if it applies) is the perfect time to hire professional movers to move you safely to your new home. They’ll have all the right equipment and know techniques for maneuvering in inclement weather.

2. Set up utilities at your new home

What’s worse than carrying heavy boxes in cold weather? Arriving at your new home to realize you haven’t had the electricity or water turned on. Don’t spend a night without heat. A friendly reminder to call well ahead of time to set up your utilities!

3. Keep an eye on your winter essentials

Find a safe place to pile your coat, hat, gloves, boots, and scarf where they won’t accidentally be packed into a box or loaded onto the truck. You will most definitely want these as you travel to your new home, so keep them close!

4. Do NOT allow your houseplants to travel in the truck in freezing temperatures

We all know plants are happiest in temperatures above freezing, but it can be tempting to throw your leafy friends in the truck last minute as you speed out the door. Trust us, take the extra time to carve out space in your heated car, your plants will thank you!

5. Protect your floors

In areas where snow and ice are inevitable during a winter move, consider putting down some heavy cardboard or plastic sheets to protect high traffic areas during the move.

6. Clear your driveway and sidewalks of ice

No one is trying to master ice skating while holding a heavy couch during your move. Help keep everyone safe and the job go smoothly with a little shovel and salt.

7. Err on the side of caution

Safety first, always. If a snow storm or other winter weather warning happens to disrupt your move, consider waiting until the next day. Your movers will likely have advice for the safest plan to move forward with delivering your belongings safe and sound.

Moving during winter doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. As with any move, making sure you are prepared ahead of time will alleviate stress and facilitate a peaceful move. Mitchell Moving would love to help get you where you need to be! Request a free quote today for local or long-distance service.

Photo by Byron Johnson on Unsplash