How to pack fragile items for your upcoming move

Every move takes a lot of preparation. You need to make sure everything is in order, that you hire the right people for the job, and that things were packed well. Packing your belongings might seem like something simple, and people do it without putting much effort into it. They see the consequences only after the relocation truck arrives at their new place; they open the boxes and see that a lot is ruined. Packing your less fragile stuff that way is totally fine. However, if you wish to keep your glasses, vases, and china intact, you will need to put a little more effort into it. So, if you want to protect your delicate belongings from damage, look at some of our advice on how to pack fragile items!

Which items to pay attention to the most?

Musical Instruments: Many musical instruments are made from expensive and sensitive materials, and they should be placed and shipped in a special case made especially for their shape, taking into account humidity, temperature, and the changing conditions during the relocation.

Works of Art: Moving sculptures, pictures, and picture frames, is a very delicate task, and you ought to discuss packing these with your movers. This is crucial for ceramics, statues, or fragile paintings. Too much humidity or rough transport can damage that kind of stuff.

Valuable electronic equipment: Cameras, expensive TVs, and A/V equipment need special treatment. If you can, use the original box before packing that kind of equipment into moving boxes.

Home Add-Ons: If you would like to take your hot tub or some other kind of home add-on with you, you’ll need specific handling and shipping process.

China: Expensive plates and dishes must be fitted tightly within boxes with no space between them and lots of padding. By limiting the space between china with blankets and towels (don’t use newspaper, the ink can stain china), you can prevent them from moving. Any movement during transport can create chips and cracks.

Prepare for the packing

Think about how many boxes you will need, gather all your fragile stuff and see how much space it will take. That way, you will have a good idea of what you’re dealing with. Be sure to have all the materials you will need. Find good duct tape and get proper boxes. You can’t buy just any boxes. If you get cheap ones, they will fall apart quickly. Get the good ones and make sure their bottom is firm. Also, pay attention to sizes. Your stuff is probably of different shapes and sizes, and that will also affect your choice of supplies for packing. Let’s see some of the essential things you should purchase:

  • Boxes are a must.
  • Bubble wrap is excellent at protecting from sudden hits.
  • Dish and glass packers make life much easier in these situations.
  • You will need markers to label everything.
  • Newspaper or packing paper is great at filling up space inside the box.
  • The tape will reinforce the outlines of the boxes.
  • Packing peanuts are arguably even better than newspaper.

If you find some pre-divided boxes, you can purchase those as well. They prove to be very useful when you pack fragile items. Once you’ve covered all of this, you are ready for the next step.

Ask experts for advice on how to pack fragile items

If you have hired a professional and experienced company, they probably have resources, personnel, and will to help you plan the move. They can provide you with packing materials and give you some helpful advice.

Steps for packing fragile items for your move

Once you have gathered all the supplies, the packing process begins.

Firstly, secure the bottom of the boxes. Tap all open seams and corners and, if necessary, use tape to reinforce the corners. Next, wrap each item one by one with towels, packing paper, bubble wrap, or newspaper. If there are thinner areas, be sure to fill them with additional material. For example, stems on a wine glass or handles on mugs are particularly fragile. Secure it all with tape to make sure the material used for protection stays intact.

Then, carefully put the wrapped items inside the box. You want to pack your fragile items for your upcoming move carefully.  Place the heaviest items on the bottom of the box and the lightest on top. If you possess any pre-divided boxes, insert items in the compartments especially made for that purpose. Use packing peanuts or towels to fill any leftover space in the box. That way, you will make sure breakables don’t move inside the box. Finally, add a protective layer on top before sealing the box.

 It is crucial to find a good moving company

Moving to a new home is no easy task and even the simplest residential move requires some logistics. Planning it all out is half the job. So, make a plan and follow it. Start with setting a moving date, create a budget, declutter your home, and hire reliable movers, and slowly start packing.

People often undermine how important it is to carefully pick a moving company. No matter how much time and money you invest into packing fragile items, one careless truck driver will make all your efforts futile.

You need a company that will guarantee a safe ride without many bumpy moments. We at Mitchell Moving do our best to bring your belongings safely to your new home. So, try to find a reliable company with years of experience and good reviews from their customers.

Don’t forget the unpacking

When you pack fragile items, keep similar types of items in the same group and label your boxes precisely. Put labels on the boxes to help you remember where the most valuable stuff is when you unpack your possessions. And don’t forget that you can recycle a lot of materials you used for packing, so make sure you have a recycling bin when you arrive.

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