What to do with Leftover Moving Boxes

Moving house is a complex process, and packing the whole household takes a lot of energy and many packing supplies. Moreover, unpacking creates so much mess in your new home that you don’t know how to make the home tidy again while not creating waste. Moving waste is, unfortunately, very common. However, there are ways to prevent that and put all those supplies to better use. This guide will show you how to deal with the numerous boxes lying around your home. So, in case you don’t know what to do with leftover moving boxes, we’ve got some fantastic solutions for you.

Prevent the move-in mess

Before you unpack and deal with the moving boxes, make sure you prevent common moving mess. Unpacking is much more difficult if all your moving boxes are in the living room or any other central part of the new home. That’s why labeling should be a task on your moving checklist. If you write what’s inside every box, and more importantly, color-label them by rooms, movers will know where to put each box, and you’ll have all the boxes sorted in the right places. You can start unpacking systematically and take your time with the process. Sorted boxes will let you function better in your new home even though you haven’t fully unpacked.

Creative ways to put leftover moving boxes to better use

After you unpack, you will have a lot of moving boxes of various sizes on your hands. You shouldn’t just throw them away and waste them. There are some interesting ideas to recycle them and give them a second purpose or even make some money.

Save the boxes for the next move

If you frequently move, buying new boxes all over again will be just a waste of money. You can easily fold up the boxes you have left and save them for your next move.

Offer the boxes to friends/family

Even if you don’t have to move soon, maybe you have friends or family who will relocate to a new neighborhood in the near future. Don’t wait for them to ask you; offer them your leftover moving boxes, and save them a lot of money. They will be thankful and maybe even help you out with the next move.

Sell boxes online

If you have spent a lot of money on moving, selling the moving boxes online is a great way to get some cash back. Put ads on your social media or places like Craigslist and let others get moving boxes for a reduced price. It’s a win-win for both of you.

Use leftover moving boxes for insulation

Placing cardboard on the floor of your attic is a great way to create insulation for your home. It’s an inexpensive method that can truly make a difference to prevent too hot or too cold temperatures stay inside your home. However, this is not the best insulation solution – foam insulation is a proper way to do that. But, it can be a quick fix until you have time or budget to do insulation properly.

Kids DIY projects

There are endless ways you can use cardboard with kids. From making them a dollhouse to cutting cardboard for different DIY projects, you can repurpose moving boxes in so many ways. As a part of an arts and crafts project, your kids can also paint them and make their toy boxes, or you can use the moving boxes to keep old books, clothes, etc.

Use leftover moving boxes for storage

After you unpack and sort out your items, you need to deal with all those things you rarely use. This can be a big challenge in case you’re moving into a smaller home, and looking for storage services would be a good idea. For limited spaces, a storage solution can be useful – you can keep unnecessary items away from your home without having to give them away. Here too, your moving boxes come to the rescue.
Use them to pack all these items safely and place them in a safe storage unit until you need your items the next time. You will have a more spacious, clutter-free home to enjoy.

Community organizations or charities may need the boxes

Different local organizations such as libraries, food banks, or schools may need your moving boxes for various projects. Also, a local charity may use them for packing clothes or food, so be sure to contact them before throwing boxes away.


Finally, if you can’t find a better purpose for your cardboard boxes, or they are too damaged to use again, be sure to recycle them properly. You will get rid of the mess around the house, but at the same time protect the environment. Go green with your move and contact a local drop-off center, where you can take your boxes for recycling.

Green moving

When it comes to protecting the environment, you can go green with the whole process, even if you are moving long-distance. Apart from recycling your boxes, you can also do some other things to have a waste-free relocation. Try renting moving containers, hiring an eco-friendly moving company, making fewer trips between old and new houses, and using the items you already have in your home instead of moving boxes. For example, you can pack a lot in your suitcases, gym bags, tote bags, even cupboards, and drawers. These small steps will help make a significant difference, save our planet, and make it a better place.

As you can see, being more responsible takes just a bit more creative thinking and a positive attitude. Putting your leftover moving boxes to better use is not difficult but can make a big difference. Therefore, don’t forget to put upcycling on your moving checklist and make the most out of your move.

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