How to Prepare for the Movers

Almost everyone hates moving house. As a matter of fact, people rank moving house as one of the most stressful events they have ever had to endure. Moving house is hard because it uproots us from people and places that we have come to love. Moving house is also hard because it is a lot of work.

When humans dislike doing something, they tend to put off doing it until the last moment. Or other times, they look for someone they can pay to take over the burden of doing that hated thing. And this is exactly what we do when moving houses.

People delay sorting and packing their belongings until just a few days before moving day. And they also hire a professional mover in the hopes that they can shift the responsibility for the house move to that company. But this never works.

Professional movers only reduce the work of moving, they don’t eliminate it. Hiring a mover and then failing to prepare is a major reason why people have a bad moving day experience, explains KRS Property Management. If you are moving house and have hired a moving company, you have made an excellent decision.

But there are things you must do to make the experience easier for you and the mover. Below is a list of important steps to take to get ready for your mover. If you follow this list, you will ensure a more organized and satisfactory experience for you and the movers.

Phase one: Get organized

Moving house is often synonymous with disorder. But you can reduce that by doing these steps:

  • Create a moving folder: A physical/digital notebook where you keep vital moving information such as checklists, inventories, timelines, etc.
  • Determine your timeline: Ideally, you should start packing weeks before moving day. Your timeline should show your task schedules.
  • Take inventory: Avoid losing your stuff by noting each item in a list under the right heading as you pack them. Later when you unpack, cross items off the list.
  • Pack slowly: Don’t compress your packing into two days before the move-out day. Spread it out over a month and create a schedule.
  • Purge your home: Don’t take clutter to your new home. Get rid of things that are broken, obsolete, or duplicate.
  • Know what movers won’t move: Movers have a list of items that are prohibited. Find out beforehand what those items are and make proper arrangements.

Phase two: Pack like a pro

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How to Prepare for the Movers 1

The next part of making moving day easier is packing your stuff in the right way. Properly-packed boxes are easier and safer to move.

  • Get the right packing supplies: You need boxes, tape, bubble/shrink wraps, and lots more. If you start packing early, you can find out what you need as you pack.
  • Pack properly: Your packing technique matters. Don’t put heavy stuff on top with lighter items below, don’t leave spaces at the top of boxes, and don’t pack boxes that are too heavy or bulky.
  • Pack in the right order: Pack the least used items in the home first. These are things that will not be missed in the weeks and days before moving day.
  • Be smart when packing: Don’t empty drawers or containers. Use them as packing vessels and seal them with tape. Tie up the ends of beddings and use them to pack items.
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How to Prepare for the Movers 2
  • Use color labels and label clearly: Organize items by matching label colors to rooms. Label boxes on their top and sides. And mark your “load last” and “fragile” items clearly.
  • Pack small items in sealed bags: Before putting them in a box, pack small items that get lost easily into a Ziploc, double-seal, and label the bag.
  • Measure furniture and doorways: Check that your furniture will be able to pass through the doorways of the new home. Dismantle what you can.
  • Double-check and take photos: Double-check all your stuff and before the movers arrive, take pictures of your stuff to note their condition.

Phase three: Protect yourself

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  • Get additional insurance: The mover will usually offer insurance in case items get lost or damaged, but it is usually inadequate. Get extra coverage.
  • Secure your valuables: Keep important items like jewelry, documents, Smartphones, cash, and other valuables in a bag that you always keep on your person.

Phase four: For moving day

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  • Disconnect appliances: Empty out and disconnect your fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, and other appliances. Disconnect gas-powered tools/equipment and drain oil from the mower.
  • Disconnect utilities: The electricity, gas, water, and other public utilities should be disconnected before the movers arrive.
  • Create parking space for moving truck: Decide beforehand where the truck will park. It has to be close to the house. Remove anything that is in the way.
  • Clear a path inside the house: This should be the major pathway through which everything is moved out. It should be kept clean of clutter and debris.
  • Take care of kids and pets: Make arrangements for where to take small children and pets, so that they don’t get in you and the mover’s way.

There you have it, great tips to keep in mind to make moving as stress free as possible.

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